7 Survival Uses Of Cigarettes

7 Survival Uses Of Cigarettes

We’ve all seen the anti-smoking signs, and know the health warnings of smoking… but did you know there are actually lots of uses of cigarettes in a survival situation?!

Now I’ll be honest – I’m not a huge advocate of smoking. Cigarettes are hugely addicting, but they’re also terrible for your body and have tons of negative side-effects.

However, the many ways you can use these pieces of rolled up tobacco make it real tempting to not bring them with you in your bug out bag, camping gear and survival kit.

So I’ll tell you what – I’ll show you a lot of the various uses of cigarettes that’ll come in handy for a survival situation. That way, even if you’re not a smoker, you can have these on you and feel confident in the next survival situation you’re faced with.

Sound good?

7 Survival Uses Of Cigarettes

1 – Relieve A Toothache

Toothaches can be a major pain (seriously) in a survival situation. Not only are they annoying, but when left untreated they can become way worse, and even cause damage to your mouth.

However, finding a dentist can be a real struggle once SHTF.

Help yourself manage the pain with the use of a cigarette. Tobacco is a natural anesthetic and antiseptic. So by rubbing it onto your tooth, you can temporarily relieve the pain and get back to business.

2 – Bartering

Bartering is an absolutely crucial practice for survival. This is one of the best ways you can trade the commodities you don’t need for the ones you do.

However, to be successful in this, you need some really good things to barter with.

This is, ironically, where people’s smoking addictions come in handy. For example, you and I both know that smoking kills (whether people want to admit it or not), and smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your health – especially in a crisis.

However, thousands of preppers are addicted to cigarettes, which makes them an absolute goldmine in a crisis. And chances are these preppers will be jonesing for a drag when you’re ready to barter.

Do yourself a favor and barter your addictive cigarettes for the items you need most (i.e: food, water, tools, etc.). They’ll get their temporary fix, while your chances of survival increase exponentially.

3 – Stop The Blood

If you get a minor wound on your survival trek, you can stop the bleeding by tapping a little ash from a cigarette onto the wound.

This will cover the area and help stop the blood flow.

However, if you’ve got a much more dangerous wound, such as a hole in your lung, you can tape the plastic from a new pack of cigarettes to the top, and then roll over on your side.

This will help stop more blood from exiting the body, and will also prevent the blood from filling up your other lung.

4 – Stop The Itching

If you’re bugging out, you’re more than likely going to get a few insect bites along the way. And these can make your survival experience far more unpleasant.

Thankfully, you can use your trusty cigarettes to help ease the discomfort. Get the tobacco wet and press it onto your bug bites. Doing this will help ease the pain and heal the skin.

5 – Start A Fire

This is probably the most obvious use of cigarettes. However, it’s also one of the most important.

Use the outer layer of paper, the filter, and the tobacco as tinder, and you’ll have a fire up and going in no time.

Cigarettes also greatly help in a crisis, as they help you to conserve the embers and transport a fire from place to place.

6 – Kill Parasites In Your Intestines

Intestinal parasites can get into your body through contaminated water/food, and can easily kill you if left untreated.

However, cigarettes can kill them. By eating cigarettes, the nicotine will stun (and potentially kill) these harmful invaders, allowing them to pass through your body.

To perform this task successfully, you’ll need to eat one-and-a-half cigarettes, and then consume the same dosage 48 hours later.

Sure, this sounds risky (and disgusting) – but better than death!

7 – Filter Your Water

In desperate circumstances, you can use your cigarette’s filter in order to filter the large substances from your water.

Remove the filter from the cigarette, and place it inside a straw, piece of bamboo, or other plant/item with a tube-like structure.

Pour the water in and let it trickle into your container.

Now keep in mind this method will NOT remove parasites or bacteria. You’ll need to boil the water for up to three minutes to make sure it’s safe to consume.


Now you’ve got seven awesome uses of cigarettes. But what can you do with the cigarette box?

One awesome way to reuse it is to make your own ashtray. Take a look:

Well, now you know seven survival uses of cigarettes (which I bet is a few more than you knew at the beginning of this article)!

My suggestion? Test these survival uses out for yourself, and stock up on a few boxes of cigarettes for your survival kit and bug out bag. Even if you’re not a smoker, these handy survival tools could easily help you out in an emergency situation!

As always, Prepare Now, Survive Later!

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