News : Big Name Replacements for Comey Being Thrown Around

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It is the job of the FBI to conduct investigations throughout the United States. While different from a traditional police force, it is used when national security is at stake or when additional intelligence is required to assist in investigations.

The FBI works on its own accord, with input from other forms of government. As of late though, the FBI has seemed to run off the rails and lose track of its identity.

The American people are rightfully confused as to what exactly is going on at the FBI. FBI Director James Comey released information about Hillary Clinton, which she now claims cost her the election. However, the bureau’s investigations have seemingly become erratic and all over the place, almost as if simply to please a loud, outspoken, liberal base.

Because of FBI Director Comey’s bizarre actions, the department has become politicized—something it was never meant to do. This has caused the President (and the American people) to lose all faith in the FBI and it’s director. For this reason President Trump was left with no other option to let James Comey go.

Despite the current Liberal narrative that Trump fired Comey because the FBI is looking into his ties with Russia (although Democrats completely disliked James Comey just a few months ago), the firing was justified. As liberals back off their witch hunt against President Trump the question on everyone minds will be who will take over the open position? Watch as several names are thrown around as a possible replacement for James Comey as FBI Director.

Source : PatrioticViralNews