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American Tactical FX45 1911: Power And Affordability

There will always be a special place in my heart for a 1911 pistol. A popular, classic handgun even my grandfather adored so much back when he was still in service during World War II. Because of its popularity, there are a lot of brands and models out in the market and one of them is the American Tactical FX45 1911. It has all the features you loved in a 1911 at a price point that won’t break the bank. With its compatibility with various brands of 1911 magazine, the FX series is certain to have the 1911 pistol enthusiasts set for hours of satisfactory shooting.


Gun Specs

Gun Specs | American Tactical FX45 1911 | Gun Carrier Handgun Review
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The American Tactical FX45 has a 5-inch barrel with a 4140 chrome-moly steel. It has a 7+1 mag capacity. This semi-automatic, single-action pistol has a matte black color and a blued finish. It is 8.46 inches long, 5.28 inches in height and weighs 37 ounces. The sight, both front and rear, has a military style. The grip is made from mahogany with a checkered pattern.

Ease of Use and Performance

Ease of Use and Performance | American Tactical FX45 1911 | Gun Carrier Handgun Review
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Most of the 1911 enthusiasts know how accurate and powerful the pistol John Browning designed. And the American Tactical Fx45 1911 is no different. The fixed barrel design makes this pistol more accurate than any other handgun in the market today given the shooter has the right skills in shooting a handgun. And the power? Extremely superb. Powerful enough to take down and put a big hole in its target.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons | American Tactical FX45 1911 | Gun Carrier Handgun Review
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First of all, this pistol won’t cost you an arm or a leg and it’s a good catch knowing most of the 1911 pistols can cost $700 to $1,500 or even higher. The power you adored from a 1911 is there. One thing I noticed about the ATI FX45, the trigger is crisp but a bit stiff. Sometimes this pistol shoots low and the sight is far from being precise. Clearly, this pistol is built for close range defensive use. But like most 1911, if everything is tweaked right, this pistol will give you the performance you desire in a handgun.

Overall Verdict and Price

Overall Verdict and Price | American Tactical FX45 1911 | Gun Carrier Handgun Review
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Shooters Arms Manufacturing in the Philippines respectively adheres to the original specifications of a 1911 pistol – a close replication of the looks and feel of the iconic and timeless handgun. The American Tactical FX45 1911 is undoubtedly an entry-level handgun where shooters can upgrade to fit their personal requirements. For a price of $399, this pistol is definitely worth having.


Watch this video to know more about the American Tactical FX45 1911!

After firing this handgun in a shooting range for a couple of hundred rounds (230 Grain FMJ), the American Tactical FX45’s reliability is unquestioned and I didn’t experience any malfunctions at all. I would definitely recommend this pistol to anyone who wants a dependable recreation of a John Browning’s classic. With power, accuracy, reliability and of course, affordability. This gun should be on your to-buy list.

What is your favorite brand of 1911? I would definitely want to hear from you. Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in June 2015 and has been updated for quality and relevancy. 


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