Survival: How To Survive A Dog Attack

A dog is a man’s best friend but it can also be its worst enemy. The majority of dog attacks occur because of bad owners and their lack of commitment towards their dogs. Since these types of attacks will continue to occur, regardless if it hits the fan or not, you should learn how to survive a dog attack.

Currently, due to the large population in our country, the dog is considered the most dangerous animal in our living areas. Even more, there are certain breeds that are responsible for more than 50% of known deaths.  Pit bull type dogs and Rottweilers are perhaps the most dangerous of them all. It is estimated that someone is bitten by a dog every 2 minutes.

It is more likely to be attacked by a dog during your lifetime than any other wild animal you could think of. And unlike wild animals, dogs have lost their fear of people and will engage you if provoked.  If you enter its territory any breed of dog can become unpredictable. It is better to learn how to survive a dog attack because this knowledge can be used as an advantage when dealing with an angry canine.

Before we discuss how one can survive a dog attack it’s better to know how one could avoid such attack. It’s better to prevent this scenario rather than figuring out how to escape unharmed.

How to avoid a dog attack

There are certain people asking for it and I can’t understand the pleasure some get from teasing a dog. It should be common sense not to taunt a dog, especially one that is chained or confined. You should avoid any dog (regardless its breed) that is restrained.  These types of dogs are usually more aggressive and can cause serious injury.

If you are approached by a potentially dangerous dog, avoid doing the following:

  • Don’t look it in the eyes as it may consider this a threat
  • Never smile at the dog since showing the teeth is a sign of aggression
  • Don’t do sudden movements that make you look like a threat or let it think you are fearful.

In addition, you should observe the animal’s body language. If the dog growls, that’s a clear sign of aggression. The same goes for bared teeth and you should be ready to act if it moves towards you. The position of the dog’s head is also a telltale sign. If the head is held high or low, the dog is most certainly in aggressive mode. If the head is even with its body, the dog is preparing to attack.

To survive a dog attack you need to be alert so you can react quickly. At first, you need to stand firm and remain calm. As I said before, you shouldn’t do any sudden movements. If you run, the dog will definitely chase you. Turn sideways to avoid facing the dog directly. This will make you nonthreatening for the animal and you can still observe the behavior of the dog using your peripheral view.


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