The Ultimate List of Prepping and Survival Books

I am constantly impressed and reassured with the enthusiasm I see in the prepping and survivalist community. Here is a group of people who are eager to take responsibility for their own fate, believe in self-sufficiency, and actively work to expand their knowledge.

While reading prepping and survival blogs are great, they are no substitute for survival books. Why should you read survival books? How about because….

  • Survival books are written by experts: Anyone can write a blog (which is why you find so much bad survival info on the net). It takes a much broader knowledge and dedication to write a survival book.
  • Survival book are more in-depth: Here at Primal Survivor, we do our best to provide detailed information and survival tips. However, blog posts and articles don’t compare with the amount of detail that can be offered in a book.
  • New viewpoints: Some survival and prepping books will present information in ways that you haven’t thought about yet. Sometimes you might get conflicting advice from other things you’ve read. This causes you to think things through objectively.
  • YOU SHOULD CONSTANTLY REFRESH YOUR KNOWLEDGE! No matter how much of an expert you are, it is still important to refresh your knowledge. Reading survival books is a great way to do this.

I would like to add that, in today’s world where information is only a few clicks away, there is no excuse for not educating yourself on survival and emergency preparedness.

Yes, you will have to pay for these books (many are available on Kindle for very cheap). Think of it as an investment into your future and security. It is worth it to read survival and prepping books!

There are hundreds of survival and prepping books out there. I couldn’t possibly list them all, so I’ve picked the best ones and divided them into categories.

You don’t have to read all of the survival books but I would recommend reading at least one book from each category.

Happy reading!