Top 7 Survival Gadgets for Holidays 2016

5 – Luci EMRG Solar Powered Lantern

luci-emrg-solar-lanternThis is one survival gift I hope my wife and kids get me (and I hope they read this post – hint, hint). To me, solar is a revolutionary technology for those who are striving to be self-reliant. From off-grid solar power to solar chargers, if a device includes solar, it no longer depends on electricity.

Plus, illumination is often critical to survival success. Being able to see what you’re doing (or where you’re going) in the dark will help avoid dangerous mistakes. That’s why this portable, lightweight, Luci EMRG Solar Lantern is a perfect survival gift (plus, great for those who enjoy camping or backpacking).

Leave this solar lantern out in the sun for a few hours to charge it up, then turn it on when needed.

  • No batteries Needed
  • A Single Charge Provides Up To 12 Hours Of Illumination
  • Compact (1 inch tall when deflated)
  • Shatterproof
  • Waterproof