Top 7 Survival Gadgets for Holidays 2016

Finding the perfect gift for my family and friends is always a challenge.

Every year, I’m never sure what to get Dad, what to get my Wife, what to get my friends, kids, grandkids etc.

Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentines Day, or just because…ugh! It never ends…

Every year, I rack my brain, I search the web, but none of the “best gifts for men” or “best gifts for women” articles are worth a crap.

Those articles only list the most obvious, boring gifts and lack any creativity.

Getting someone a gift from one of those lists says, “Here’s a boring, safe generic gift that you probably don’t want, but it’s all I could find, sorry!”

So this article is your solution. Here’s the secret to getting a great gift this time around. 

“Everybody loves survival gifts.”

They are unique, they are interesting, they are creative, they say you care, and they are awesome. This list has something for everyone (as you’ll soon discover). And if you happen to be buying for someone who is truly interested in survival, then this list is an absolute gold mine. You may have just found the last “gift list” you’ll ever need.

1 – FireHawk Tactical Flashlight

firehawk tactical flashlight

This super bright tactical flashlight gets rave testimonials from our readers daily. Not only does this LED flashlight look badass, but your family or friends will use it every day.

It’s ideally sized to comfortably fit in your pocket. But you should also stash one in your vehicle and survival bag. I even know several ladies who carry one in their purse and love it.

It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas. It makes a great Birthday present, too. We’ve even sold them as an awesome Groomsman gift.

Get several FireHawk Tactical Flashlights and your survival gift buying may just be done for the year.

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