Top 7 Survival Gadgets for Holidays 2016

6 – Tesla USB Double Arc Electric Lighter

tesla lighter-double coilThis is another newer technology that the survival world has just started to embrace. The key to the Tesla USB Double Arc Electric Lighteris the fact that it uses electricity and not fuel to spark a fire. Which makes it both windproof and waterproof.

Can your cheapo plastic lighter catch flame in a violent rainstorm? Not likely. However, with the Tesla Electric Lighter, you can confidently get a fire built in the most adverse conditions.

When the skies turn dark, this reliable lighter won’t let you down.

The bottom line is: This is the simplest fire starter you’ll ever use. Just hold the side button down, and you’ll ignite a double arc of electricity that’ll get your outdoor cooking going in no time.

Once completely charged, the double arc lighter allows for 300 sparks. That’s about 100 more than the competition. The USB lighter includes a small charging port at the base, as well as a blue indicator light to show you it’s charging.

The Tesla lighter is made of zinc alloy (not plastic). Which means it won’t fall apart like a cheap lighter. This Telsa lighter is built to last and makes for an excellent survival gift.